Rules & Regulations



Sri Sai College of Engineering and Technology aims at achieving the following objectives:-

Academic Excellence

Character Building

Uncompromising Discipline

In order to achieve the above said objectives, the college has framed the following Rules and Regulations to the student community and all the students are instructed to strictly abide by them.


The College starts at 09:30 A.M. and ends at 04:30 P.M. The students have to attend the college in time; otherwise the college gates will be closed exactly at 09:35 A.M.

Two Stretch breaks of 10 minutes each are given at 10:40 A.M and 3:10 P.M. A 50 minute lunch break is provided from 01:00 P.M to 1:50 P.M.

Everyday study hours are conducted from 04:00 P.M. to 04:30 P.M. For this, the students have to maintain a separate 100 pages notebook for each subject. The first 15 mentis is meant for study, and the other next 15 mentis, he/she has to write answers for 2 questions given by the corresponding lecturer.


Plain Slate Gray Dark pants and a plain Light Pink shirt is the college dress for boys and girls on every day.

Boys are not allowed to wear T-Shirts and multi-colored Jeans. They should attend the college with tucked up shirt with formal black shoes. Wearing Identity Card is a compulsory; otherwise a fine of Rs. 25-00 will be levied on every Saturday.

Girls are allowed to wear dress with chunni. Wearing Identity Card is a must; otherwise a fine of Rs. 25-00 will be levied.

Wearing shoes is a must for both boys & girls in Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics & Computers Laboratories.


Shouting, Whistling, Clapping, and Talking aloud is prohibited in the college campus.

Wandering outside the corridors in the campus and going to canteen during class hours is not allowed.

Chatting of boys and girls inside and outside the college campus is prohibited.

Eve teasing and commenting on girl students is strictly prohibited.

Involving in any in-disciplinary activities viz., quarrelling with co-students and also with the local people may lead to the suspension of the students from the college.

Ragging is strictly prohibited inside and outside the college campus. Such await will lead to the expulsion from the college he/she is also liable for legal punishment.

The college encourages some good habits like wishing the faculty, standing before them and talking to them with utmost respect.

The movements of both boys and girls will be observed and tracked both inside and outside the college campus.

Students are strictly prohibited from traveling on the bus tops, foot boards and in Lorries.

They should use the power and water resources conservatively whenever necessary.

They should not stay back in canteen for a long time even after the completion of break time.

The student can approach Class Teacher/ HOD/ Principal at anytime for any grievances they have regarding academic, discipline and other matters.

Students should abide by all the rules and regulations of the College which may be varying from time to time.

Any student involving voluntarily in support of any organization or boycotting classes, labs will be expelled from the college immediately without any notice.

Any student indulging in breaking college property in any manner is liable for punishment and also heavy fines will be imposed.

Writing in classroom, bathroom walls, and bus-stops & on top of benches is strictly prohibited. Violating this may lead to suspension or expulsion from the college.


The student has to maintain 90.00% of attendance in the regular class work including laboratories. Otherwise he/she will not be allowed to take up the final examinations.

Attendance on the re-opening day and closing day is a must. Otherwise, a fine of Rs. 500-00 and Rs. 50-00 for each of the subsequent days will be levied.


The students are allowed to take only one leave per month.

On genuine grounds, the student may obtain leave for 2 or 3 leaves from the respective HOD.

In exceptional cases, the student may obtain leave for 4 or more days from the Principal.


Periodically, parents are informed about the academic performance of their ward and his/ her attendance.

They should submit the updated lab records in the following week of the experiment date and get it signed regularly.

All the students may obtain the syllabus books from the college office and should properly plan their academic schedules.

Students are advised to make use the facilities like GATE and other competitive examination coaching which will be given from the third year onwards.

The students should attend the Internal Examinations and Grand Test without fail. Otherwise, he/ she will not be allowed to write University Examinations and heavy fines will be imposed.