Vision & Mission


The vision of Sri Sai College of Engineering & Technology is to leave an indelible international impression in engineering research and education. Sri Sai College of Engineering & Technology excels in engineering technological education and research through the quality of its faculty, graduates, students, staff, facilities and programs.

Sri Sai College of Engineering & Technology is the choice of engineering and technological programs., Parents are eager to send their children to Sri Sai College of Engineering & Technology, where students want to learn more, employers seek engineers and technologists, industry and government find technological innovations and where under privileged and underserved students are encouraged and supported to obtain a quality education. We are geared to cope with the expectations of the fast changing world.


We are on a mission to:

  1. Produce engineers with strong educational foundation and technical skills
  2. Provide world-class education by continually assessing and improving our educational programs.
  3. Build the character to design the life of the tomorrows engineers
  4. Provide environment for our students that will boost the imaginations, talents, creativity and technical skills necessary for the varied and rapidly changing requirements of the industry.
  5. Undertake internationally recognised engineering research with a technical edge that will contribute for the improvement in the nation’s strategic engineering and environmental technologies.
  6. Contribute to the knowledge of both fundamental and applied areas of engineering
  7. Strengthen the diversity of our student population especially in our minority engineering program
  8. Build productive and mutually beneficial partnerships with our external constituents.
  9. Continuously improve the student and faculty relationship that is key to the growth of the College.
  10. Develop partnerships with industries to improve the technical knowledge of the students, increase the employment opportunities and improve the economy of the country.